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Nov. 28, 2022

Episode 27, Part 1: Interview With Jaylan Salman

Episode 27, Part 1: Interview With Jaylan Salman

Join Soul Toucha the Poet as he interviews Jaylan Salman. 
Jaylan Salah Salman is an Egyptian poet, translator, two-time national literary award winner, animal lover, feminist, film critic, and philanthropist. She has published film criticism articles, short stories, poems, and translations in many websites and offline publications such as "Al Ahram", "Vague Visages", "Synchronized Chaos", " TheCherryPicks", “The Gay Gaze”, "Cinema Femme Magazine", " Eye on Cinema" and "Guardian Liberty Voice". She Won the “Bleed on the Page” Competition for Poetry and Prose for her piece titled “Poof, Vagina” Her first poetry collection in English, “Work Station Blues”, was published by PoetsIN, a British publishing house with the purpose of destigmatizing mental illness and supporting international artists. Her second poetry book "Bury my Womb on the West Bank", was published in 2021 by Third Eye Butterfly Press and available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats. She recently participated in the Art & Mind project (ātac gallery, Framingham, Massachusetts) with her poetry. She translated two books, محمد خان: البحث عن فارس from Arabic to English for the Cairo International Film Festival 38th Edition, "Skandar and the Unicorn Thief" from English to Arabic from Simon & Schuster.

Jaylan Salah Eldin is an Egyptian feminist writer, published poet, author, and translator. She published two poetry books before

Workstation Blues

Bury my Womb on the West Bank

She is a very active member in the SF Coffeehouse Writers' group, the PoetsIN Facebook community in addition to the indie film criticism scene. She participated in global projects discussing sexual harassment in the workplace, participated in artistic projects worldwide with artists from the UK, the US, and Lebanon. A portfolio of her English writings can be found here:


And you can watch her on this panel: ASBPE | Women at Work: Strategies for Navigating Workplace Sexism and Harassment - YouTube


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Jaylan Salah SalmanEgyptian Author, Poet, Translator, and Film Critic


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