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Nov. 12, 2021

Episode 58, Part 2: Do Looks Matter?

Episode 58, Part 2: Do Looks Matter?

Following up on the conversation on whether looks matter or in fact should they matter when looking for a potential mate.

So happy that you could join on on this topic. What are your thoughts? 

Our talking points will be:

  • Does it matter who makes the 1st move when approaching someone new?
    • Mutual friend
    • Co-worker
    • An Ex
    • One night stand
    • Weight
    • Financial stability
  • Who handles rejection better, men or women?
    • If so, why is that the case?
    • Could it be that women are not used to rejection like men are?
    • Are women expected to accept this because that’s how it was back in the day?
  • Why do people in general get so bent out of shape when they get rejected because of their looks or personality?
  • What is the best way to handle rejection?

It's been a great opportunity for us to learn and connect with so many colleagues, new listeners and friends!


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