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Oct. 6, 2021

Experience With Cancer featuring Cynthia Sargent

Experience With Cancer featuring Cynthia Sargent

Cancer survivor Cynthia Sargent sits down with her nephew Soul Toucha the Poet to discuss how her life has been with her challenges with the disease. Tune in for her first podcast interview and look forward to hearing her voice bless the airwaves on the King & Eye life Podcast hosted by Sun Soul X, Phoenix and Soul Toucha the Poet.

In this bonus episode we welcome Cynthia Sargent for a stepping out of her comfort zone situation. During a family gathering Soul Toucha the Poet convinced his aunt to think about doing a podcast. What came out of it was her deciding to talk about her experience dealing with cancer. Cynthia is a cancer survivor and gives the world a brief background into what she's gone through since 2008. We know that there are many people in the world who have similar experiences and our goal is to give her a platform to share her story and encourage everyone to have the motivation and determination to keep on living because every day that you wake up is a blessing!It's been a great opportunity for us to learn and connect with so many colleagues, new listeners and friends!


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